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Success with surprises

Ulrich Enzminger*, 54 years old, member of the employer association for the last 30 years and lastly managing director. He leads the association and represents it on national and international level; is fluent in seven foreign languages, grew up on three continents and is for this reason considered as "citizen of the world".

The changing of the executive committee leads to a tense atmosphere during collaboration. This affects the cooperation, and the previous achievements in the association work of Mr. Enzminger are overshadowed- the new common goal is clearly formulated: ending the successful cooperation and professional support of the Outplacement process. The beginning of the B.P. consultancy.

Mr. Enzminger had difficulties to handle the new situation. Especially in the light of his numerous achievements, the decision of the company to break up the collaboration seems not only incomprehensible but also extremely offensive for his self-respect. He feels abandoned and personally let down and first of all sees this consultancy as service for the former employer, and not as service for himself. 

This crisis of separation and confidence must be systematically processed and a new approach for a professional reorientation has to be emerged together. Best Placement analyzes the personal and professional basic conditions from all perspectives and develops a strength-/weakness profile as an outcome. 

Mr. Enzminger learns to perceive himself in a new manner, the thinking in arranged tracks is broken down and beyond the obvious he receives new impulses - a learning- and motivation process that takes over some months and is consciously directed by the systematic coaching of Best Placement. 

Keeping the aforementioned developments in mind, the reorientation could be initiated and new objectives could be formulated frankly. The willingness to continue his new professional course of development with new tasks, has been identified as key to future success.

Mr. Enzminger now is director of another, even bigger e mployer association.

(Name changed by Best.Placement)

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Success with surprises


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