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Executive coaching - process / content

Individual consulting

The daily challenges at top management level are as numerous and individual as the executives themselves. Therefore we are always focusing on the person. Understanding the client and his environment is an essential precondition of successful coaching, which is characterized by mutual trust, loyalty and integrity.

The consulting process itself is a dynamic, interactive process at eye-level. Coach and coachee agree on the objectives to be achieved and jointly develop sensible strategies that will be transformed into visible results with our support.

Executive Coaching - process and conten


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Prevention and acute crisis management

Experience shows that many coachees do not make use of our consulting services until the problems have become too much for them. During such “fire brigade operations” it is important to separate crisis symptoms from the causes and to extinguish fires, which means preventing the worst consequences. The underlying causes can be tackled only in the long term. But a better strategy is the preventative use of advisory services. We take the time to develop a sustainable relationship between coachee and consultant, if required, the coaching can be used as long term instrument for regular (self-)reflection. Please note that this does not mean, that dependencies should be established. In the ideal case we ultimately make ourselves redundant, because the goal of the coaching is your final success.

Methodical competence

Our Senior-Executive-Consultants and Coaches have solid expertise, experience from years of practice and fall back on the latest findings from continuous further vocational training. Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive set of competences. According to the needs different methods and techniques are used. Decisive for the choice of the method is how it fits our coachee and her/his concern. As sign of methodical competence our coaches are at all times able to explain why they proceed in this case in the following way and not otherwise.

Flexible content

The questions and subjects in the Executive Coaching are based on the individual coachee´s situation and needs. The analysis of the own position serves as basis for the consulting process: What are the outstanding abilities, potentials, competences, and where are boundaries and blind spots? Do I feel comfortable with the job can I develop my talents and my own inclinations?

Furthermore we focus on the following particular issues:

  • The objectives and vision that the coachee brings along

  • Expectations of the company towards the coachee

  • Reflection of own actions/ acting

  • Planning of own career

  • Handling of increasing requirements

  • Leadership style and acute conflicts in the team

  • Handling of the first or growing management responsibility

  • Analysis of the leadership- and management competence

  • Conflict and stress management

  • Identity crisis: ways to get out of personal depression

  • Self-marketing: charisma, rhetoric and appearance

"Lose yourself in your work instead of getting lost", recommended once the French director Jacques Tati. If you manage this, the job still is what it ought to be before: a bulwark against crisis and not their gateway. To this we want to contribute with our work.



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