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Why Executive Coaching?

Why Executive Coaching?

Human, all too human

Executives- the “alpha dogs” among the wolves- run on adrenalin every day: They have to take
responsibility for far-reaching decisions, handle crisis and conflicts and in their function as role model cannot show any weakness, even under heavy work loads. Personal sensitivities, doubts, fears are generally banned from the workplace. And least of all discussed in public. In other words:

Alpha dogs are lonesome wolves.

This isolation is justified by their hierarchical role as executive: They are surrounded by employees, colleagues and superiors, who in principle cannot be considered unbiased contacts at eye-to-eye level. The missing feedback and the lack of opportunities for a substantiated dialogue often result in a distorted selfimage. Instead of realising problems and tackling them, they are often not perceived or misjudged.

With a healthy self-reflection a lot of wrong decisions could be prevented.


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View beyond the horizon

And this is where the Executive Coaching steps in. More and more companies realise that a professional external feedback is an appropriate means to reassure and strengthen their executives. Good managers first of all have to manage themselves. On that basis they develop a new awareness of their tasks, their role and their leadership responsibilities.

We also know: for the art of leadership there is no established formula for success. But there are definitely means and ways to discover and develop the personal management style. Or rather: to make use of the own resources in an intelligent way.



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