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Coaching & Sail

Sailing challenges the manager

Whoever sails has to plan, decide and delegate. Sometimes you have to rethink. You often have to be flexible to achieve your goal.


Sail with us as a manager, as a manager, as a team leader - together with other people in management positions. Recognize your strengths, work on your weaknesses. Learn from the leadership behavior of others.

Coaching & Sail


Best Placement is a Business Partner of Career Partners International (CPI

Leadership development under sail.

The training lasts 4 days. During this time it is not only intensive sailing. In the evenings we sit down in workshops on the topic of leadership. Our customers particularly appreciate the exchange with other managers.


What do others do differently? What can I do better? And what am I doing well? Here you get feedback at eye level - without a muzzle, without inter-thoughts, without a hidden agenda. At the end, you will of course also receive a certificate of participation and confirmation of the miles traveled


Target group of this offer


This offer is aimed at managers who want to learn more about themselves and their management style. Who want to learn from other managers. Young executives who have only recently taken on management responsibility or are about to do so use the seminar to identify their own strengths and weaknesses at an early stage and to work on improvements in a targeted manner. Experienced executives take the opportunity to perceive established patterns and to question them.


You never stop learning.



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