Creating new perspectives- designing the future

Marianne Ziese*, 43 years old, working as Marketing manager in a pharmaceutical company since 9 years, succeeded in establish the company and the products on the competitive market with appropriate instruments and personnel.
The company needs to change, adapt to customer needs with new structures and new responsibilities.

Personal space is being redefined, also limited and her personal objectives do not comply with the company’s objectives.
Thus Mrs. Ziese is also no longer willing to continue living separated from her partner.

How can you re-shape the future, rearrange your abilities and balance work and life? This difficult task led Mrs. Ziese to Best.Placement, with the desire to jointly develop a new direction.

Where are the own potentials on which you can build upon and what competences should be developed additionally - these questions are answered individually and in detail in the framework of the potential analysis. Becoming more familiar with oneself, from the own or a foreign perspective, is the focus of analysis. Thereby things become clearer and particularly one thing: the personal life goals.

The necessity of strategic planning and the stepwise realization of these aims were particularly highlighted:

  • The development of a personal track record reveals new professional perspectives.
  • The individual application strategy and adequate training safely prepare Mrs. Ziese for her new target position on the employment market. We check the job description against her competence-profile and check the employment contracts.
  • Best.Placement thereby showed the most varied facets of its consulting services: in the role of a consultant, advisor or coach, Best.Placement accompanied the process continuously over a long  period to ensure her professional and private success in her new position as Member of the Board of Executives of a pharmaceutical company in her home town.

(*name changed by Best.Placement)

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