Outplacement: Advantages for affected personnel

The process of being laid off is often an extreme situation for the affected employees. Our consultants support the affected persons by showing them how to deal with the new situation, how to process it, how to realign themselves and as soon as possible succeed on the way to a new job position.

Key benefits of the Best.Placement consulting services:

  • Concentration of the energy in the active and positive future
  • Client and consultant retreat from everyday business for three days in order to redefine aims in life and career plans
  • Clients become “marketable” in the first 3-4 weeks
  • The following job position is adequate
  • Active job search
  • Security through a success rate of almost 100 %
  • Avoidance of a career dip
  • Access to our network and the important hidden labour market
  • Our consultants take the time to respond individually to the customer
  • Guarantee of re-entry into employment within one year
  • Professional management diagnostic experience
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