Career Partners International Coaches Employers to Use Stay Interviews as Valuable Retention Tools

12. Juni 2019 · Career Partners International guides organizations through the process of conducting stay interviews. With direct, proactive communication managers can discover actionable data to increase employee engagement and reduce attrition. [mehr]

The Business Case for Outplacement

03. Juni 2019 · Columbus, Ohio – May 8th, 2019 In today’s business environment, change is inevitable and can result in some tough choices. Redundancy and redeployment can be a challenging and emotive time for the organization, the team who remains, and for affected individuals. Commonly, organizations are... [mehr]

Career Partners International Meets in Barcelona to Explore the Future of Work

03. Juni 2019 · Set amid the high-tech city of Barcelona, Partners from around the globe came together for the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Career Partners International to embrace the Future of Work. [mehr]

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